Why We Exist

We deliver simple and digestible solutions to complex matters.

Everyone says “we’re committed to our values and organizational purpose.” But, here at Nth Degree, we really mean it! It’s not some cliché set of words we developed while powering out a business plan. We spent hours each week for several months as a leadership team and then as collective team developing and aligning on our purpose and vision statements. It’s the kind of deliberate approach you can expect from us. That’s why we have our purpose and values hanging throughout the office (in a tasteful way, of course). And why we repeatedly reference them when working on client projects, onboarding new team members and engaging in business planning.


We are transparent and receptive to the thoughts, opinions and feelings of others


We uphold our promises


We continuously strive to be the best in all endeavors

Open Mindedness

We encourage creative and innovative Expressions

The Team

We like to think of our team as a collection of non-conventional accountants. You don’t typically hear accountants using words like “simple and digestible” or “creative and innovative expressions.”
That’s because most accountants and tax CPA’s are focused on geeking out on details and quoting code sections. For us to truly live our purpose and values, we’ve meticulously selected the following people from our home in Seattle, who – I assure you – are not your typical personal or small business accountants.

Dan Nicholson


Nolan Bradbury


Kyle Boggie


Kathryn Reyes

Chief of Staff

Eric Stage


Stacey Owen

Lead Client Excellence Concierge

Tam Hall

Client Excellence Concierge