What if you had a financial expert helping you optimize your business and family financial situation all year long?

  • Would your business be more profitable?
  • Would you have fewer late nights?
  • Would you feel a greater sense of control?
  • Would you have more time to focus on other areas of your business?
  • Would you reach your goals faster?

At Nth Degree CPAs, we can help. Read on to learn more.

What We Do


While the accounting industry does a lot of things right, we believe the conventional approach has some serious shortcomings:

  • If the majority of a CPA’s work (and annual billing) is crammed into the short window before tax day, how can they possibly be responsive to you during this time? The irony that most accountants are least accessible when they’re most needed is not lost on us.
  • How can your accountant help you grow your business if they’re always looking backward?
  • How can a firm provide strategic financial guidance if they’re only seeing a fraction of your finances?

Nth Degree was founded with the idea that there is a better way to help businesses with their financial, accounting and bookkeeping challenges. Below are just three of the things we do differently:


How We Work


Nth Degree was founded with the idea that there is a better way to help businesses with their financial, accounting and bookkeeping challenges. Below are just three of the things we do differently:

STRATEGIC UPFRONT ENGAGEMENT: We believe that selecting an accounting professional is a very personal thing. The provider you will select will have a window into your business and individual financials. That’s why every client engagement starts with either an initial assessment of your business and/or individual financial situation to structure the right relationship going forward and to ensure we are the right fit for your needs.

ONGOING PROGRAMS: After our initial assessment period, our client engagements are structured as annual programs, not one-off transactions. Why? Accounting clients like that we’re contributing to their business all year long, so that they can avoid the end-of-year panic most people associate with accounting.

CLOSE COLLABORATION: Our accounting services are designed to serve as an extension of your business— think of us as an instant Finance Division with Fortune 100 and Big 4 accounting experience.

We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on understanding your entire business and we go out of our way to communicate all of our solutions clearly (and jargon-free). To ensure that we’re always up-to-speed on the changes taking place in your business, we require clients meet with us at least twice per year.

Previous Engagements


  1. Client was facing a short-term liquidity crisis. We analyzed their financials to uncover root causes and provided an action plan to immediately correct the systemic issues and manage their way out of the liquidity crisis.
  2. Client's books were not delivered in a timely matter by their previous bookkeeper. We implemented our proprietary paperless workflow that resulted in on-time delivery of financial statements and reduced the business owner's interaction in the accounting process by 50%.
  3. Client's business is very cyclical, which created workforce planning problems. We developed a plan to utilize contract labor that reduces the strain on the permanent employees and substantially increased profitability
  4. Client's workforce is compensated primarily based on commissions. We developed a solution to streamline their commission calculations model and identified calculation errors in the previous method that resulted in inconsistent payments to the workforce.
  5. We reviewed a client's books as part of a tax planning exercise and identified that the prior tax preparer was incorrectly including accounts receivable and accounts payable. We amended the tax returns and the client received over $12k in taxes back from the IRS.
  6. We performed an evaluation on a client's books and determined that their outsourced bookkeeper had not reconciled several accounts for over two years. We corrected the financials and determined that income was substantially overstated and that taxes were significantly overpaid to the IRS.
  7. Client established two financial goals: increase monthly draws by 200% and overall debt by 50% over the next twelve months. We developed a financial forecast to determine how to reach these goals and implemented a set of action steps.
  8. Client acquired a new business but was not receiving the appropriate financial data to assess the performance of the business. We mapped the acquired business's accounting and finance processes and developed a roadmap that results in substantial cost savings and the information necessary to assess the company's health.
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Client Testimonials


“I am second generation of a family business and we have had four prominent CPA firms in the last 40 years – we are loyal! However, I have been disillusioned with the “very responsive but not a wit proactive” approach to our business and my business goals. I have also, through the years, hired part-time CFOs and part-time CPAs all with varying degree of success. Nth Degree does not think that they can do a job for a client if their only point of contact is information presented to them at busy tax time with not the time or the bandwidth to ask questions, etc. Sound familiar? They are determined to present a different experience.”


“Not only did they speed up my paperwork to get me under the deadlines for my taxes but were very internet and tech- savvy. They scanned in all my documents and provided me with online copies of the returns and all my of paperwork. Did I mention they saved me a huge pile of money?”


“When I met Nth Degree, I was in a complete mess—my last two accountants had messed up my returns or had given me bad advice and one completely dropped the ball with an audit I was going through with the IRS.

Fortunately Nth Degree came and saved the day—they were able to reverse many of the mistakes made by my past accountants and get all my personal and business tax returns in order. Despite my tough financial situation, they were able to work with me in getting what needed to be done turned in on time. I can not express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Nth Degree in saving me from a tax liability meltdown.”



Dan Nicholson

Dan Nicholson:
Founder & CEO

Dan founded Nth Degree CPAs in 2008 with the objective of building a successful practice by helping small business owners to achieve their financial goals.

A Northwest native, Dan grew up in Renton and attended Seattle University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with emphases in both Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems.

Upon graduation, Dan was selected out of a pool of nominees from the nation’s top 50 accounting programs for an exclusive fellowship with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). As a member of the GASB team, he was responsible for managing all technical inquiries and assisted what has become Statement No. 53, “Accounting and Financial Reporting for Derivative Instruments.” (For those who don’t speak CPA, accountants consider setting a national standard to be a big deal).

Since then, Dan has worked in finance and accounting roles at Clark Nuber, UPS, WaMu, as well as Deloitte and Touche’s Audit and Enterprise Risk Services practices where he was primarily

responsible for auditing both the financial statements and IT internal controls around the Treasury cycle at Microsoft.

Outside of work, Dan serves as President of Seattle University’s Alumni Board of Governors. He bikes and runs frequently and has completed three Half-Ironman triathlon races (one to see if he could do it, and two to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). Dan is an avid fan of both the Seahawks and Seattle University Basketball (he’d be an avid fan of the Sonics too if they were still in town…).

Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and their two dogs, Meika and Payton (aka, The Glove).

Nth Degree CPAs, 40 Under Forty

Nth Degree In the News

Dan was recognized in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by CPA Practice Advisor as one of their “40 Under 40”. Click to see the 20112013 full articles.

Nolan Bradbury

Nolan Bradbury:

Nolan joined Nth Degree CPAs in early 2013 with the desire to deliver financial information to individuals and businesses that is not only relevant and insightful but also digestible and thus actionable.

Nolan is a born-and-raised Seattleite. He attended Seattle University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with an emphases in Accounting. In addition, Nolan graduated Magna Cum Laude (he’s nothing if not consistent) from the University of Washington where he earned a Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc).

Nolan interned while a student and then subsequently worked full-time at Deloitte and Touche in their Audit practice where he worked on notable clients like Microsoft and Boeing. He then transitioned to Symetra Financial in Bellevue, WA. While there, he played an active role in their initial public offering (IPO) and oversaw their SEC Reporting Division (translation: he really likes accounting processes and reporting).

When he is not helping his clients, he serves on the Board of Directors and is the acting Treasurer for Rebuilding Together Seattle. In his spare time, he can likely be found either playing or watching soccer, most likely his beloved Seattle Sounders.

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