What if you have a team of financial experts who, all year long, helped you to pay the minimum amount of taxes required, while optimizing your business or personal cash flow?

Nth Degree CPAs offers a variety of financial services in Seattle and beyond, catering to both personal and small business accounting needs.

Nth Degree CPAs can help, get the information you need.

At Nth Degree CPAs, we can help. Get just the info you need.

Remember that fateful day when you decided to start your business? And, when you decided to go all-in and leave behind guaranteed income from a job? No doubt there were moments of euphoria and thoughts of how you’d change the world, your family tree and/or disrupt an industry.

But, as your business has grown, so have the responsibilities. More money; more problems – they say. Work on the business not in the business – they say.

That’s easier said than done, right? Here’s the reality: the sooner you work on what you’re best at the sooner you’ll get back to focusing on why you are running this business to begin with.

That’s what we help clients do! We do it by removing tasks that are universally disliked by entrepreneurs: tax and accounting. Like the sound of that? Let’s Talk Further


You’ll find we’re Non-Conventional Accountants that help you focus on what you do best!

We work with you throughout the year to make sure you’re paying the least amount of taxes legally required.

Steady business growth requires a combination of careful planning, knowledgable resources and decisive action. Our methodologies extend far beyond the reach of your typical CPA.

Our Clients Respect Our Work

We’d like to say all of our clients love us, and we know they do. But more importantly, they tell us that the capabilities that Nth Degree CPAs add to their business are invaluable.

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