How it works

A few ways we've helped clients obtain greater financial certainty.

Step 1: Build a customized plan

Would you like to pay the least amount in taxes legally allowable? Or, have digestible financial reports that tell you what’s going on with your business in seconds. We’ve yet to have someone say “no” to these questions. But, if you’re always looking in the past when it comes to your taxes or receiving reports late that are pages long how are you achieving this goal? Chances are you’re not. While every situation is unique, we regularly find clients overpaying on taxes between 20 and 40% and financial reports that just aren’t actionable.

That’s why we believe the first step is to thoroughly diagnosis your financial picture to design solutions that align with your goals (and save you time and money!). Within the first 30 days of engaging us we will:

Optimize your tax situation - evaluating whether you are maximizing deductions, using every available tax credit, have the right entity structure in place with the right audit protections and have considered retirement/wealth options.

Evaluate your accounting records to ensure the reports are accurate and complete and, most importantly, decision useful. And, that you have the right systems in place to grow.

Then, construct a compliance calendar for you and make sure you’ve got a clear idea of everything that’s due and when.

Step 2: Make it happen

Every business is unique – you don’t need generalized accounting and tax advice; you need customized solutions! That’s why every implementation is unique but examples of recommendations include:

  1. Entity Restructuring
  2. Accounting System Setup
  3. Clean-up of Accounting Records
  4. Cash Flow Forecasts
  5. Financial Metrics
  6. Amending Federal, State and Local Tax Returns
  7. Pricing Models
  8. Business Acquisition Analysis and Integration
  9. New Lines of Business Analysis

Step 3: Ongoing Support

There are two components to our ongoing support:


(the stuff you are required to do)

  • Federal, State and Local Tax

    We prepare all types of tax filings including federal, state and local across all 50-states and ~89,000 state and local jurisdictions. We will also prepare any U.S. required International Tax filings or disclosures.

  • Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

    We are a full-service business and personal accounting team. We apply a rigorous weekly process to your accounting which includes monthly reconciliations and reporting.


Steady, logical and predictable business growth.

  • Estimated Tax Calculations

    Don’t be shocked by what you own on April 15th. We will project your federal, state and local tax liabilities and devise a payment plan.

  • Strategic Meetings

    Paying the least amount in tax while growing and maintaining positive cash flow requires ongoing discussions.

  • Plan Refresh

    We build your initial plan to be evergreen. But, businesses and the tax code evolve and that’s why we update your plan regularly.

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