Nth Degree CPAs in Seattle Announces Small Business Part-Time Controller and Bookkeeping Service

Seattle, WA, – May 9th 2014 – Nth Degree CPAs, located in Seattle, WA has announced a high-value part-time controller and bookkeeping services option for small businesses.

The firm announced that they are offering the service because they listened to a consistent need expressed by a number of current small business clients.

“We had a number of clients who needed bookkeeping services, but at a higher level than their in-house resources could support. They may have had an administrator who could key data into a piece of accounting software, like Quickbooks, but as far as the experience to correctly enter each of those transactions, produce the proper financial reports that provide business insight that’s relevant and digestible, or consult with the management team on those financials to drive business decisions, the companies lacked the resources,” said Dan Nicholson, Founder and CEO of Nth Degree CPAs. “We found there were a plethora of small businesses whose accounting and bookkeeping needs totaled 10, 20, or 30 hours a month, “ he continued, “not enough to justify hiring a full-time, in-house accountant – but the ownership or executive team still wanted someone with high level accounting skills to do the work and help with strategic guidance, like a controller at a larger company would.”

The addition of recently announced firm partner, Nolan Bradbury, who joined the firm as Accounting Services Director in early 2013, allowed for the offering of this service to become possible. “

As a firm we are very relationship driven, and we needed to have that mindset in order to partner with businesses on this type of controller-level work. We don’t just dive into a relationship with a potential client without knowing if or how we’ll be able to make a positive impact,” said Nolan.

He iterated that they developed a process unique to Nth Degree CPAs that serves their clients looking to outsource these bookkeeping functions.

“We begin each relationship with what we call an Accounting Diagnostic. In the Accounting Diagnostic phase we do a sit down Q&A analysis with the ownership team on where the business has been, where they want to go, and what they perceive is prohibiting them from getting there. Then we do a deep dive into the data as they grant us access to their existing books, so we can garner a complete understanding of the accounting health of the business.

The culmination of this phase is the preparation and presentation of an Accounting Roadmap report in which we outline our findings and provide a list of accounting recommendations for the ownership team. From there we give them options as to how best to proceed and how we can help them achieve their desired results, whether it be a full outsourcing of accounting functions to us, or a collaboration of their existing people resources and ours. In some instances we make a recommendation that the company hire on a full-time in-house bookkeeper, because the need is there.

It’s a process that has served us well in working with both existing businesses and startups alike, as it removes some of the mystery surrounding their financial position. It’s important that a company’s management team understand what their accountant/CPA is doing and why they are doing it.”

As for industries this service is a best fit for, Nth Degree CPAs says they have a host of different clients already utilizing this small business controller and bookkeeping service that span an abundance of different industries, though they have noticed professional service practices, high-skilled consulting firms, ecommerce and marketing practices, as well as tech industry companies reaching out more frequently to inquire about the service. Nth Degree CPAs is a boutique high-value accounting firm in Seattle, WA that provides integrated tax planning and preparation with accounting and controller-level financial guidance for the small business community.

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