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cash flow statement
Written Jul 17, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

What Your Cash Position Means

In a cash flow statement, the cash position at the end of the month represents the amount of cash that the company has on hand, at that moment in time. This cash position is a sign of financial strength and liquidity of the company, representing the ability of the company to meet their current liabilities.

financial security
Written Mar 13, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

The Financial Security Roadmap

I like to think of myself as an anti-accountant. Instead of just dutifully checking boxes on tax to-do lists, I’m constantly peeking into the rest of my clients’ processes and actions and offering plenty of advice for how to achieve real financial certainty. For most of my clients, early on it can be a challenge

Written Mar 13, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

Bookkeeping Is Not Always The Answer

Crunching numbers and solid bookkeeping is part of the game when you’re running a business. When you’re reviewing your financial records — whether it’s reviewing the latest report or double-checking your accountant — it can be easy to see financial problems and start looking around the rest of the spreadsheet to see if you can

finance reports
Written Mar 13, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

Financial Reports and Your Employees

It should go without saying that your financials are an important indicator of how your business is performing. But they are more than a record of where you’ve been. These reports should be a compass for where you’d like to go. At a glance, the numbers in the spreadsheets tell the financial story of your

business goals
Written Mar 13, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

Your Business Goals Made Clear

You didn’t get here without having a goal in mind. Whether it was world domination, a platform for your ideas, or a chance to connect with others, bringing your business to life was the realization of a pretty big goal. But now that you’re here, what do your business goals look like? Do you write

Financial Certainty
Written Mar 13, 2019 by Dan Nicholson

Financial Certainty: What Are You Measuring?

As an accountant and owner of Nth Degree CPAs, I often have the honor of startling many of my clients by suggesting they shouldn’t only pay attention to the bottom line. When it comes to a company’s financial certainty, most companies make measuring profits job #1. And 2, 3, and 4. You get the point.

Written Sep 21, 2018 by Nth Degree CPAs

Demonstration Video Post

We’re tax nerds. There, I said it. Do you really want a bunch of dudes who peaked in high school helping you, or professional team if intelligent, best-in-the-business professional who handle your accounting needs as if they are our own? Yeah, I thought so.

Written Jan 22, 2015 by Nth Degree CPAs

Dan Nicholson aka Rudy the Redhawk

As you may know, our CEO, Dan Nicholson, is a SeattleU graduate and the current President of the Alumni Board of Governors. Additionally, one of his passions is basketball and thus you’ll often find him at SeattleU men’s basketball games yelling and “KaKah’ing” (the sound of a Redhawk).

Written Jan 20, 2015 by Nth Degree CPAs

2015 Client Letter

I often like to muse to friends, family and Nth Degree’ers about how the lynchpin for starting Nth Degree CPAs was to create a firm that’s deeply rooted in its relationship with clients, staff and business partners. In my opinion, the bedrock of any solid relationship is open communication and transparency. So, with that, I am writing you my first annual CEO report with the goal of providing open and transparent communication. Before I delve into more intimate details about our firm, I need to address a few block-and-tackling type things.

Written Nov 20, 2014 by Nth Degree CPAs

Nth Degree End of 2014-15 Tax Year Newsletter

Firm Updates We have moved offices! We have moved out of Pioneer Square and are now across from Pacific Place at 1809 7th Avenue, Suite 303, Seattle WA 98101. We are excited about this move as it allows us to continue growing. Feel free to stop by any time, we love to show the new